Happy New Year! What are you hoping for?

Happy New Year! – What Are You Hoping For?

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 As the old year is ending and the new one is beginning, we think about what we hoped would happen last year and what we hope will happen in the next year.

HOPE – This word is just a small four letter word, but it can mean the difference between despair and life. How does this word translate into your language?
espérer                                                    toivoa                                                                      기대 (gidae)

                                      håber                                        esperanza 

Hoffnung                                             希望 (xīwàng)                                                              امید 


What is ‘hope’?

In English it means “a feeling of desire for something and confidence in the possibility of its fulfillment:”.

Hope Keeps us Going

Hope keeps us going when everything around us is falling apart. Hope helps people to continue to live even when doctors predict a short life. Without hope, life can lose its meaning.
English often talks about hopes and dreams together. We say we have been hoping and dreaming about some future event.

Idioms About ‘Hope’

We have many idioms about ‘hope’.
For example:
a) dashed hopes – to have your dreams ended by someone or something
b) give up all hope – to stop hoping for something
c) to have a glimmer of hope – to have just a little bit of hope
d) hope against hope – to keep hoping even when things look hopeless
e) hope for the best – to be positive about an uncertain future
It is well
I know many of you are living in difficult situations, or in new countries. I trust that you have someone or something to hope in or for. Christians at this time of year remember the hope that we have in Jesus, who came as God in the form of man, to show us the Father’s love.

What are you hoping for?

May you fulfill your hopes and dreams in 2018.


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