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What do I Say – Said or Told?

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Which of these sentences is correct?

a) I told (that) she had to get off the laptop.

b) I told her (that) she had to get off the laptop.

What about these?

a) I said (that) she was in trouble!

b) I said her (that) she was in trouble!

(see below for answers)

‘Said’ and ‘told’ are often confused and used incorrectly.   Here’s a quick tip to remember how to use them.

Always put WHO is being told after the word ‘told’.

e.g. I told my mom (that I wanted to leave)       Mark told her (that he likes coffee).   They told their parents (that they love them).

Always put WHAT you said after the word ‘said’.

I said that I wanted to leave.              Mark said that he liked coffee.       They said that they loved their parents.

So which of the above sentences is correct?

#1   b)               #2 a)

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